Thursday, January 01, 2009

Golf Duffers Digest Great site

Hi Golfers Everywhere.

I created this site for all the golfers who get to play once a week ,Once a month and maybe even once a year??

Horrified to think that someone would play only ONCE A YEAR? now that’s what I call Henpecked or maybe Him pecked ?.

(Don’t want to be Chauvinistic)

To all golfers world wide

Enjoy the game its a day out with nature !. so listen to the birds and the bees and the rustle of the wind and the xx words

that Golfers use to express there anger(best shots that went array).

I never knew one game is played by so many people with the same name ie: stupid, dummy, ****head and many more

explicit ones like that!

Be thankful!. you are looking down at the grass and not lying on your back looking at the roots.

This BLOG. shall bring you many great tips for the beginner duffers pro alike and hope to ad some humilty to your golf game

as welll as some humor and some bargains

So Please take a few minutes out of your busy day and check back with me every once a week,.or once a month or even

once a year .

thank you for taking the time to read this .take a few more minutes and browse the site .You may find something of

interest .


OH ! by the way my rules of GOLF . keep the ball in the fairway. on the green and out of the water.

My rules Not My Game?

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