Wednesday, January 18, 2006

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Of Interest to Baby Boomers.
by Cynthia Rowland
The 60's – flower children, hippies, tie dyed shirts, bandanas and free love. The Rolling Stones, Elvis, the Beatles and the notion they would never grow old began to permeate their thinking. Their new way of thinking made their parents shake their heads at a generation who embraced peace and declared to the world that they would stay young forever.

Baby Boomers begin turning 60! These bold, daring trailblazers have given "60" a new "look." Clothing, hair dye and vitamins have given the baby boomers an edge - Being 60 today is nothing like when their parents were 60.

This generation of new thinkers began an odyssey to dispel aging.

"Down with the establishment" is still their mantra today. An overwhelming percentage of Baby Boomers are turning to alternative methods to maintain and improve their health and well-being. Rather than medication, they've turned to meditation, acupuncture and exercise to keep them in better health.
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