Monday, November 26, 2007

Seniors Discover the benefits of excerise

For the elderly, exercise is not just about looking good but is also important for living a longer, healthier life. There are the added bonuses of losing those extra pounds, improving the circulation and health of your heart, increasing mobility and of course feeling much stronger, that all contribute to making seniors exercise routines an absolute necessity.Anyone who begins exercising will see many benefits, but for seniors it really is the key to a whole new lease on life. As people get older they tend to become less active and added to the natural degeneration of strength from aging, many senior citizens feel very weak, lethargic, sore in the joints and muscles and suffer from circulation related health problems. When they begin a routine of senior exercise daily they will feel like a new person!After just a week of seniors exercise you will feel a sense of being a little stronger, and week by week this will grow as your muscles lengthen and you become leaner. Walking will again be an easy and relaxing task and your whole quality of life and mobility will increase, making you feel young again. Your confidence will increase accordingly; depression will be alleviated as you find a constant feeling of wellbeing to be your new mindset. Senior exercise is the best way to stimulate endorphins in the brain which are often likened to a natural antidepressant. Even if you are having a bad day, go to the gym and leave feeling happy, fresh and able to tackle any problems.The idea behind seniors exercise is to keep it simple, flowing and safe for everyone of all fitness levels. Don't be put off by thoughts about it being too difficult because anyone can do it to some extent. The more regularly you practice, your coordination, flexibility and fitness will improve, making any initial embarrassments completely worth it. The truth is that everyone is so busy trying to do the workout themselves, no one has any time to bother watching what everyone else is doing, and everyone has to start somewhere. A senior's exercise class does not include movements like jumping, over-stretching or anything complicated or jolting. The idea is to have constant movement that is gentle on the joints but still raises and maintains the heart rate. This is the point in aerobic exercise where you will burn calories, increase flexibility and improve muscle strength. For those who have aching joints because of diabetes or arthritis, seniors exercise workouts will benefit you. The best starting point for you would be water aerobics held in warm hydrotherapy pools designed to relax the muscles and workout while feeling weightless.As long as you get the all clear from your doctor, seniors, start exercising straight away at least five times a week. Start slow and increase the amounts and pace as you progress. You will never regret it, and you can always improve how you feel by starting with a regular walk from right now! Notice how good you feel afterwards, and find out when you can visit your local fitness center for a chat.
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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Alzheimer's Disease is the most common form of dementia

Did you know that It is a condition that affects the neurological health of an afflicted patient and is a degenerative disease of the brain from which presently, there is no recovery with over 4 Million Americans suffering from this dementia. The illness is devastating and robs both the sufferer and also their family and friends of treasured moments.

Alzheimers is equally one of the most emotionally draining and traumatic conditions for both sufferer and family alike. Memory loss is the distinguishing factor in all Alzheimer's cases.

However, in the early stages it can be difficult to detect as people often devise elaborate coping mechanisms that disguise their symptoms. Recent memories are the first to be affected. It is only as the Alzheimers condition progresses that more distant memories become affected. Short term memory refers to the brain's mechanism for storage of recent events or things learned. The duration for things stored in a brain's short term memory can be as little as hours or as long as a week or two. It is this recent storage capacity that causes initial difficulty for people with Alzheimer's.

Disorientation, for example, not knowing who or where you are or what day month it is, is a very common symptom of Alzheimer's disease. It is also thought of as one of the defining early symptoms as it is very closed connected with a person's memory or ability to remember. Insignificant things disappear first, and usually so gradually that it's not noted by family or friends for weeks or even months .

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