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The following article presents the very latest information on Grandparents. If you have a particular interest in Grandparents, then this informative article is required reading.

I love being a grandparent. I wish I had many grandkids. Fortunately, I
have one, a 9 year old boy. I am fortunate in another way--he lives next to
me. We share the back yard. So I get to to see him daily. I always know
when he is outside playing because I could hear the wiffle ball hit the
siding on my house. He loves baseball. That is only one of the many
things we've shared during his 9 years on this earth. Bonding with your
grandchildren is important to you and them. When we're long gone, they
will always cherish the moments they spent with you. Like I said, I am
fortunate to have him live close by.

If your Grandparents facts are out-of-date, how will that affect your actions and decisions? Make certain you don't let important Grandparents information slip by you.

Some of us aren't as fortunate. You might only see your grandkids once or
twice a year. Bonding with them is much more difficult, but it can be done.
The computer is one way. I will be talking about different ways you and
your grandchildren can communicate using the computer.

Other grandparents have become parents again. Over 5,000,000 children
live with their grandparents. Studies have shown that this is beneficial to
the children. They do better socially and in school when living with their
grandparents than they do living with a single parent.
Of course this could also be stressful for both parties.

Knowing enough about Grandparents to make solid, informed choices cuts down on the fear factor. If you apply what you've just learned about Grandparents, you should have nothing to worry about.


Sunday, May 14, 2006

Senior “Snowbirds” Face Medicare Woes

When most people think of senior, what comes to mind is usually basic information that's not particularly interesting or beneficial. But there's a lot more to senior than just the basics.

For those seniors who spend the year in two different states – moving from one to the other depending on season – the new Medicare prescription plans can become even more complicated.

Government officials and Medicare advocates are trying to persuade these “snowbirds” or “sunbirds” that they should choose a prescription plan that goes with them. That means these seniors should overlook regional plans in favor of national plans that would cover them when they travel to their summer or winter home.

States such as Florida, where there are a large number of temporary residents arriving during the winter months, don’t have contingency plans set up to help those who suddenly discover that their prescription plan doesn’t work in the Sunshine State, say Medicare officials. Those affected would then have to wait until another open-enrollment period to adjust their choice.

How can you put a limit on learning more? The next section may contain that one little bit of wisdom that changes everything.

Because many spend more time in their temporary homes than the 90-day maximum pill supply covered by most prescriptions, they should be aware that there could be a problem renewing a prescription if they choose a regional plan that applies only to the area in which their permanent home is located.

"My hope is people were proactive and mentioned they spent time out of area, because they can buy plans that are good everywhere in the country," said Ernie Boyd, director of the Ohio Pharmacists Association. He added that agencies like the Ohio Department on Aging were trying to get the word out to transient seniors about national plans via the media, senior centers, and Medicare telephone hot lines.

"This is a new program and people are trying to learn about it, and concerns about travel are questions people need to ask," said Scott Parkin of the National Centers on Aging. "It could be a problem, but we probably won't see this until more people start heading north for the summer.”

Knowing enough about senior to make solid, informed choices cuts down on the fear factor. If you apply what you've just learned about senior, you should have nothing to worry about.


Thursday, May 04, 2006

A mothers day Poem

by Nicola Kennedy 322

If you are looking for an inspirational poem that shows an understanding of what a mom has to deal with, this is the one. Every mom, young or old, knows this by heart and can only hope that her children will understand when they grow up.

"You don't love me!" How many times have your kids laid that one on you? And how many times have you, as a parent, resisted the urge to tell them how much? Someday, when my children are old enough to understand the logic that motivates a mother, I will tell them.


I loved you enough to insist you buy a bike with your own money that we could afford and you couldn't.
I loved you enough to be silent and let you discover your handpicked friend was a creep;
I loved you enough to stand over you for two hours while you cleaned your bedroom, a job that would have taken me fifteen minutes.
I loved you enough to say, "Yes, you may go to Disney World on Mother's Day."
I loved you enough to let you see anger, disappointment, mistrust and tears in my eyes.
I loved you enough not to make excuses for your lack of respect or you bad manners.
I loved you enough to admit that I was wrong and ask your forgiveness.
I loved you enough to ignore "what every other mother" did or said.
I loved you enough to let you stumble, fall, hurt and fail.
I loved you enough to let you assume the responsibility for your own actions, at 6, 10, and 16.
I loved you enough to figure you would lie about the party being chaperoned but forgave you for it after discovering I was right.
I loved you enough to shove you off my lap, let go of your hand, be mute to your pleas and insensitive to your that you had to stand alone.
I loved you enough to accept you for what you are, not what I wanted you to be.

But most of all, I loved you enough to say "no" when you hated me for it.


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